Monday, February 11, 2013

14. The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East


This was the first album in the 1000 Listens journey which really turned me around. First, let me explain that I did my "listen" to this many many months ago, before I took my hiatus from writing this blog.

The Allman Brothers Band were a group that I knew I should listen to, but never really got around to.  I guess I just put them in the blanket category of Southern Rock - and I knew a lot of the songs from the radio, but was never all that impressed.

When I began listening to Fillmore East for the first time, my opinion didn't change.  I even equated them in my head with - gasp! - .38 Special. (side note - I just Googled .38 Special to make sure I wrote their name correctly.  Did you know the band began in 1974?  I sure didn't).

But then I heard You Don't Love Me/Soul Serenade.


My mind was completely blow - and the Mountain Jam a few songs later further splattered my brains all over 34th Street.  Suddenly I went back and listened to everything else on the album and GOT it.

A few months later, I got to see the ABB on a double-bill with Santana. Although the 90 minutes they played wasn't nearly long enough, Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks did the legacy of Duane Allman proud.

Down to the Whipping Post indeed.

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